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DEEEER Simulator

DEEEER Simulator - Livestream Replay

After saving the life of an innocent deer about to be run over, our main character dies. Yes, right at the start and after wasting a few minutes customising it. But that's not the end of the story, because we are reincarnated as the deer and our chaotic adventure begins, smashing everything we can, knocking down buildings, killing other animals, killing the different species that make up the police force... Oh, and we also go to the future! And we smash it too, of course. Anyway, a title that could be based on a revenge towards the technological world for overstepping the limits and invading the natural world and innocent species. That, or it’s just based in breaking things without any sense at all. Honestly, I don't know. Whatever it is, we had a great time in this frantic madness, and you should check it out.